Introduction: Wood Planter

Hi all,

First of all, please excuse my English, this is not my first language.

In this instructable, I will explain how I made wood planter for my wife for a low budget and with usual Tools.

You will need:

2 pallets

1 beam (~200 cm)

1 small beam (~250 * 4 * 2 cm)








Dimension are approximative and depends on the pallet you have. Use them for information only.

Think safety first! Use gloves and protection glasses to avoid injury!

Step 1: Find Some Pallets and Cut Them Down

For one planter, you need 2 pallets.

Remove planks with crowbar to have 9 or 10 of it.

Cut one pallet in two piece, keaping only 2 planks attached (base of the planter).

Cut two of the planks in 3 pieces, of the size of the planter's base.

Cut the small beam in 2 pieces of 1m and 4 of 20cm.

Step 2: Cut the Legs

From one big beam, cut the 4 legs, the size you want (mine are about 50cm long).

Try to have a nice cut, this will be on the ground and attached to the base so if it is not perpendicular and at different size, the planter will not be stable.

Step 3: Assembly

Begin by fixing the plank between the two other on the base and fix the legs wih screws at the corners.

Then, start mounting the sides. Attach plank to the small wood on the corner with nails, then the side beside etc for the complete turn.

Do it again for the 3 stages.

Place the border on the base and nail the board to the base and the border on each side.

Place the geotextile Inside and staple it.

Step 4: Tadaaaam

Fill your planter with mold (about 50l) and plant herbs!

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