Introduction: Wood Toys 2 Furniture

The idea of using my son's wood toys in the furnitures came just as a matter of necessity, i.e. I run out of money to make/fix the shelves at home. Usually wood toys are made of good wood and the process to convert them to furnitures is easy and straight forward.



drill bits


wood toys

Step 1: Pre Drill Holes for Screws

This is the only thing to have in mind. The hole you drill to fasten the screw has to be just big enough to not let the teeth of the screw go through. See picture.

Step 2: Pre Drill Hole for the Screw's Head

This is to grab the wall as much as you can. To finish this hole you can use a countersink drill, which should be at least as big if the screw's head.

Step 3: Screw the Furniture to the Wood Toy

Using a long screw prevents the wood toy from breaking.

Step 4: Finish!!!

That's it! using wood toys can make your house to feel more hygge (danish for cozy).


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