Introduction: Wood Turning Tool

Turn a wood turning tool

Step 1: Prepare Wood for Handle

Drill a 1/2" hole half way down the vertical axis of the handle to accommodate the key stock.

Step 2: Turn the Wood

Turn the wood into the desired shape for the handle.

Step 3: Drill Pipe Cap

Obtain 1" copper pipe cap and drill a hole into the center.

Step 4: Grind Copper Cap

Grind out the center of the copper cap until a smooth hole accommodates the key stock.

Step 5: Obtain 3/8in Key Stock

Cut the key stock to the desired length.

Step 6: Drill Pilot Hole

Drill a pilot hole in the end of the key stock.

Step 7: Tap the Hole

Tap the pilot hole with an 8NC32 bit.

Step 8: Clear the Tap

Clear the tap of debris.

Step 9: Grind Key Stock

Grind the tap hole side of the key stock to accommodate the turning blade.

Step 10: Sand the Handle

Sand the handle while still on the lathe.

Step 11: Finish Sanding

Remove the handle from the lathe and finish sanding the handle ends.

Step 12: Polyurethane the Handle

Use 3-4 coats of polyurethane. Sand between coats.

Step 13: Expoxy Key Stock to Handle

Use epoxy to fasten the key stock to the inside of the handle. Also epoxy the end cap to the handle.

Step 14: Hot Glue Exposed Wood

Use a hot glue gun with coloured glue to cover the exposed wood between the cap and the end of the handle.

Step 15: Attach Blade

Screw the blade to the key stock.

Step 16: Turn Your Next Project Using Your New Tool