Introduction: Wood Working Primer: Basic Tools to Start With Intro

I started this little series wanting to help people just starting out in woodworking. The first part was the lumber yard and this is the second, will there be a 3rd dunno maybeeeee.

So this is a list of what I would consider basic tools to get you started in doing some level of woodworking and getting those tools cheap as possible. Almost all of these examples were found on craigslist within a hour and half of my house, that is what I would consider to be the max area I would drive if I needed some tools but I would probably try to make the trip for more than just one item if possible. Also check garage sales, flea markets, friends you get the idea..

Some of the tools are just almost never found for sale so those have to go to a store and suck up paying retail but even then there are coupons and things you can use.

I set my self a goal of staying below 500.00 for this purpose lets see what we can come up with.

Step 1: Basic Tool List

SO here you go my basic tool list with screen shots and some links\

Just remember you may find better deals, you may not

Circular saw - found on clist for 50.00

Router - found on clist with a table 75.00

Jig saw - found on clist 40.00

Tape measure - found on clist 40.00




Chalk line

Sander - found on clist 25.00

Pocket hole jig- Get from lowes one of those rarely found on clist 40.00

Get a 10% coupon from lowes Write Lowes customer service a email and say "I am moving in a couple of weeks and was trying to locate the 10% coupon you used to be in the post office packets and I can see a link on your web site but it does not seem to be working how can I get one. THANKS." Their reply will be something like this

we have discontinued that coupon but call customer device with this code and we will have a 10% coupon for phone order bla bla bla ....

Drill - found on clist 20.00

Long straight edge to use as saw guide - Best to get from lowes 20.00

A Assembly square from Rockler woodworking - this is a must have to for assembling and helping keep right angles 12.99 get at a min two


Clamps - the biggest secret in wood working as far as i am concerned is Harbor Freight quick release bar clamps ( do not get all hungry and go for the ratcheting bar clamps they do not hold ) but wait till one of their sales for these. 6" clamp 2.99 x8 = 24.00

12" clamp 3.99 x8 = 32.00

24" clamp 4.99 x4 = 20.00

Total 75.00

and lets not forget 20% off of one of those clamps as you can easily find a coupon any time.

Why so many clamps you may ask?

Because you can never have enough clamps!!!!!!

last but not least a work bench is a must have here is the best way to do a cheap portable bench: 2 saw horses and some MDF (medium density fiberboard) or plywood. the saw horses start cheap with diy metal brackets that you assemble with 2x4's so a set depending on your height will be about 30.00 for a pair of saw horses or you can get come nicer plastic folding ones that are about 30 and up each...

As you can see not all of the tools are top notch but they will get you started until the time when you can save up to get some thing better. This is basically how I started out and still have some of the cheap Clist tools that I have mentioned like the Craftsman router. I got mine locally for 10.00 and used it till it broke, lasted about two years and just bought the same exact one about a year ago for 15.00 why spend hundreds of dollars when you don't need to. At the beginning of this instructable I said my goal was to stay below 500.00 and with some clist help we came in at about 400.00 plenty of room to grow.

Step 2: Level 2 Tools

After you get started you will definitely want to upgrade some of your tools and even acquire more this would be what I would consider to be the next step above basic I am not going to lookup clists or price tools here but absolutely check on line first for what you want and be patient.


10" Table saw

Bench top Drill press

Bench top band saw

Bench top Miter saw

Bench top planer

Electric hand plane

Bench top belt sander

By now you have had some experience and can see what you are truly lacking in and what you can use to get by with so slowly get upgrades and get new tools keep searching craigslist and enjoy wood working....

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