Introduction: Wooden Bead Keychain Ideas

Hello, my name is Lacey. Today I will show you how to make 3 different wooden bead keychains.

I am not the best artist so I am sure your art will turn out better than mine. Good Luck!


To make the craft you will need these things:

1 bag of jumbo beads

Clasps of your choice (number depends on how many you are making)

Chord of your choice (length in step 2)

Paint (and small paint brushes)

Clear Glaze (we used Modge Podge)

Step 1: Painting the Little Bead People

  1. First take the biggest bead for the head and paint it the skin shade of your choice once that dries you can go right into the hair
  2. Pick the hair color
  3. There are many hairstyles that you can chose I did a simple bun but you can add bangs or little hairs poking out at the bottom. I also did one with a wavy hairline.
  4. Draw the eyes and mouth. I made my eyes as black dots and the mouth as little pink/red hearts. I did one girl's mouth as a little oval as well
  5. Now we will make the bun. Take the smallest sized bead and paint it the same color as the hair
  6. Now we can make the body. Take a medium sized bead and paint it the color of your choice
  7. Finally you can put on the clear protective layer. I use mode podge
  8. Now to assemble it you will need to cut the cord about 1 foot long
  9. Slip the clasp on
  10. Double the cord and slip on the beads in the correct order
  11. Enjoy!

Step 2: Painting the Penguin

This one is a little harder than the last one but I am sure you will do just as well

  1. You can find two medium sized beads and paint them both white
  2. While those two are drying you can make the ice ball. Take the largest bead and paint it light blue. you can also add a little shading and have fun with a darker blue.
  3. For this step you will want to line both beads on top of each other on a skewer or the end of a paint brush. with black paint start at the top bead and make it into a rough heart shape but not making a point at the bottom then bring the brush all the way down and fill in the back.
  4. For the lips or beak draw an oval with orange paint also add webbed feet. If you want to add details go in with a darker orange
  5. Repeat steps 7-11 to finish

Step 3: Paint the Plain Beads

This keychain is probably the easiest out of the three hope you like it.

  1. Pick out three colors that look good together
  2. Find the medium sized bead the large sized and a hex shaped bead
  3. Paint each bead the color you want
  4. Repeat steps 7-11 to finish

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