Introduction: Wooden Canvas Butterfly Painting

Use this wooden canvas design to brighten up your home for spring!


Wooden Canvas
Acrylic Paint
3 Paint Brushes, Fine and two thick brushes
Paint palette

Step 1: Get a News Paper or Old Table Cloth You Don’t Care About.

Step 2: Get Your Paint Ready

Step 3: Get a Wooden Canvas to Paint On.

Step 4: Get Three Paintbrushes, Fine and Two Thick

Step 5: Get Your Pencil to Sketch the Butterfly.

Step 6: Start Sketching Out Your Butterfly

Step 7: Get Your Paint Pallet.

Step 8: Shake Your Black Paint to Make Sure It’s Thick and Not the Substance of Water.

Step 9: Pour Some Black Paint Into the Palette.

Step 10: Dip One of Your Thick Paintbrushes Into the Paint Only a Tiny Bit.

Step 11: Outline Your Butterfly and the Inside Lines Too.

Step 12: Take Your Fine Brush and Dip It Into the Black Paint.

Step 13: Go Over Lines Make Them Straight and Smooth and Fill in the Middle of the Butterfly.

Step 14: Use Your Pencil and Sketch the Inside of the Butterfly’s Wings.

Step 15: Use the Same Thick Brush From Before and Fill in the Outer Part of the Inside of the Wings Black

Step 16: This Is What It Will Look Like After Your Done With the Outlines.

Step 17: Shake Your Light Blue Paint.

Step 18: Pour It Into the Palette.

Step 19: Add a Blue Strip of Paint in the Wing

Step 20: Shake the Dark Blue Paint.

Step 21: Pour the Blue Paint Into the Palette.

Step 22: Paint the Light and Blue Strips Along the Wings in a Pattern.

Step 23: Dip the Next Thick Brush Into the Light Blue Paint.

Step 24: Blend the Paint in Each Wing.

Step 25: Dip Your Paint Brush Into the Dark Blue Paint and Make Sure Each Wing Is Equal With Color.

Step 26: Get the Light and Dark Purple Paint.

Step 27: Shake and Pour the Paint Into the Palette.

Step 28: Dip Your Thick Brush Into the Light Purple Paint.

Step 29: Press the Brush Down in the Canvas to Make a Petal Shape. Do This 4-5 Each to Make a Full Flower.

Step 30: Once You Finish This Is What It Will Look Like.

Step 31: Dip Your Fine Brush Into the Dark Purple Paint and Dab It Into the Middle of the Flower.

Step 32: Once You Finish This Is What It Will Look Like! the Final Result!