Introduction: Wooden Coasters With Boarder

Welcome to this small step by step plan to create wooden coasters. There can obviously always be changes undertaken by you. I hope you will enjoy and if there are any questions don't be scared too ask. Materials you definitely need are...

- wood (the type of wood you want to create your coasters)

- saw (for cutting the wood)

- Sandpaper (to sand off the splinters and edges, as it should all be smooth)

-hot glue gun/normal fast drying glue (for the boarders)

- ruler + pencil (for marking where you want to cut the wood)

- (optional) cup (in whatever size you want your coasters to see how it fits)

Now enjoy!

Step 1: Marking the Wood

Firstly you must mark the wood where you want to make your cuts. I made two of those boxes you see in the picture. This can be done free handed or with a ruler. I placed a cup onto it too check if it would fit, just as an example.

Step 2: Cutting the Wood

The next step is too just cut the wood in whatever shape you marked it. First picture shows what I used. Second picture how I am halfway through and the last picture portraits myself cutting and the body position you MUST have for cutting correctly. While cutting you must bend over to have more energy and being able to move the saw back and forth. Additionally please hols the wood with your left or right arm to be more stable.

Step 3: Sanding

Here is the cut piece of wood. Now it is time to sand with sanding paper. Sanding paper is displayed in the second image. You do this till there are no more sharp corners or any splinters anywhere.

Step 4: Boarder

Next you make the boarders. With the hot glue gun in the first image. You just outline the cutten wood and wait till it is dry. Then you stick one small piece of wood in each corner and let this dry. And there you are, you are finished! Simple right.

Step 5: Finished

Now thank you for viewing this instructable and I hope you enjoyed. This is my final product and as said before you can obviously change things, you can color it, you can have a higher boarder, more wood sticks sticking on to the side. Anything you with too!