Introduction: Wooden Coasters With Initials

This time I made wooden coasters with initials on them for my family members to use them during the summer in the garden

Step 1: Get the Required Materials

Get the wood you need and put it into a bench vise and mark the sizes of your coasters onto the wood. I took 1.5cm and made lines on the wood to make the cut straight that it can later stand on the table without any problems.

Step 2: Sand Your Coasters

After cutting them out you can start sanding your coasters so the surface where they should lay on the table and where the drink should stand on is flat

Step 3: Draw Initials on the Coasters

After you have sanded the coasters you need to draw the initials you want on the coaster you want with a pen to look if everything looks good. (You might want to check the position of the initials when you want them in the middle of your coaster).

If you have drawn the lines on the coasters with a pen you can take the soldering iron to burn the initials on it. (REMEMBER let it get hot for at least 7 to 10 minutes, and also when you burn the initials in the wood to not leave the iron on one place for too long to not burn holes)

Step 4: Take Your Coasters Home and Use Them

After you have finished your coasters take them home and use them