Introduction: Wooden Couch

About: Hopefully a hobbyist!

I had many unused wooden parts and decided to use them in a couch project. Not so professional but is a functional one.

Step 1: Cutting the Pieces

I've cut the pieces in order to put together the seating part of the couch.

Step 2: Joint the Seating

The upside of the seating must be plain and smooth. So the jointers are placed on the bottom of the seating. Watch out for the jointers. There are some gaps between the endings of the seating and the jointers. That's because the lid part will be mounted on those gaps.

Step 3: Building the Structure

This couch would have a storage and must be strong enough. So, I've used many wooden posts to provide that strength.

Step 4: Holes for the Lid

I've used the 35mm standard driller in order to mount hinges there.

Step 5: Covering the Couch

I've used wooden laths for only the frame of the lid because I've wanted to make the lid lighter. Then I've used thin mdf to cover the frame. Same principle has been applied for the rest of the couch. After covering, I've drilled the lid for the handles. Used classical ones for this couch.

Step 6: Final Product

I've had a tailor sew a cushion for the seating. Then polished all the coverings with flaxseed oil and french polish. And here we go. Ready to use, well-settled in the room.