Introduction: Wooden Fidget Spinner

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Hi my name is Konstantin and today I'm going to make a wooden fidget spinner. First we need a piece of wood, perfect is about 8mm thickness, but I only have half inch lumber, so I'll sanding it off, also try to choose solid wood, like wenge, walnut, purpleheart, in my case padauk, because you probably drop your spinners and soft wood will easily dent.

Step 1: Template

Then I draw a template, you can download mine by this link. Glue the template and cut out the contour with motor saw, jug saw, or any other way you want. Also we need to cut the holes for the bearings, but I don't have a 22mm drill bit, nor a drilling machine, so the only way is to drill smaller holes and cut it to the desired size.

Step 2: Sanding

After u cut everything, move to sanding, first with file then with 80 grid sanding paper, start with hols, be careful to make a neat circles. Now it's the time of the sides, same way, file and sanding paper. I swear it would be easier to buy a proper 8mm thickens lumber instead of grind this one, but I did it.

Step 3: Polishing and Coating

The next step is to round off the edges, It is very easy to do with a strip of sandpaper. When u happy with corners, move to polishing, I using 220, 400 and finaly 1000 grid sandpaper. Coating wood with oil, there is all the magic happening, I prefer danish oil.

Step 4: Prepare the Bearings

Now while the oil dries we can prepare the bearings as I showed in the previous video, take off the dustcovers and clean bearing out of oil in gasoline or different solvent, as always for central – ceramic, for corners – regular steel bearings.

Step 5: Glue the Bearings

Also I print those buttons one is transparent, the other is glowing in the dark blue. So after oil is dry we can glue the bearings, better to use some kind of epoxy, but I don't want to wait, and use superglue.

Step 6: Finish

And probably that's it, if you like it don't forget to check my other videos, see you!

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