Introduction: Wooden Frame Christmas Tree

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Year by year, a Christmas tree is a mandatory attribute of Christmas holidays in our family. This year we decided not to buy a usual Christmas tree but make our own. This instructable will describe a process of producing our Wooden Frame Christmas Tree.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

What you need:

  • 5x wooden sticks (110 cm long)
  • 1x wooden circle (45 cm in diameter)
  • 1x string
  • 5x Christmas garland
  • Christmas toys and lights

Step 2: Prepare Wooden Parts

You need to prepare 5 wooden sticks which would be a frame of our tree. Also, you need to prepare a wooden circle which would base for the tree.

Step 3: Join the Wooden Parts

To join wooden sticks with the wooden circle we need to make 5 not very deeps cuts on the wooden circle. Those cuts need to be on equal distances from each other. This would make our Christmas tree more symmetric. Then we join one part of stick to our circle base with glue or in our case screws. The top of the sticks we joined with a clamp with the stick for a star in the middle. The result is a wooden frame for our Christmas tree.

Step 4: Add String for Toys

Roll the string over the frame from bottom to top. To make string not to slap out you should make little cuts on the edges of sticks.

Step 5: Add Garlands

To make the construction looks more like Christmas tree roll over each stick the Christmas garland. We choose green garland with little silver. It looks like tree branches with little snow on it. You can choose what over you like.

Step 6: Add Lights and Toys

Now, the most pleasant part. Add some toys to your Christmas tree. Choose what you like and have some fun.

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