Introduction: Wooden Moose Skull

Some tools you may need.

1: Grinder with a special woodcarving wheel

2: Chainsaw

3: Drill with large forstner bit

4: Hand Chisels

5: Sand Paper

6: Finish

Step 1: Step 1 : Watch Video

Step 2: STEP 2 : Layout

Layout your top view and side view.

I printed out a large top and side view of the skull and cut out the outline and traced it onto the wood with a sharpie.

Step 3: STEP 3 : Trim Away Extra Wood

Using a chain saw cut away any large chunks that are outside of the top and side profiles.

Step 4: STEP 4 : Carve

Using your grinder carve up to the lines you traced onto the block of wood.

Step 5: STEP 5: Use a Reference.

I found a complete 3d model of a moose skull on my phone that I could rotate to use as a reference since i didn't have an actual moose skull to look at. Looking at the model I added more reference lines to block and carved away any unnecessary wood.

Step 6: STEP 6 : Eye Holes

Using a forstner bit the size of your eye socket carve out the eye. Be sure to drill slightly toward the back and not straight in.

Step 7: STEP 7: Clean Up With Hand Tools and Sand

Using hand tools clean up the final bits of wood. Sand as smooth as you like. I liked the look of some texture so i didn't sand too much.

Step 8: STEP 8: Add Antlers

Drill a hole in both your block of wood and your moose antler to insert a 1/4 inch steel rod. Secure the steel rod into the wood and antler using a healthy dose of 5 minute epoxy.

Step 9: STEP 9 : Add a Finsh and Enjoy

Add a finish of your choice to your newly carved wood skull let dry step back and enjoy.

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