Introduction: Wooden Mr and Mrs Candle Holder

In this project we will be making a mr and mrs candle holder this will make a great gift for someone who is going to get married. Its a fun easy project that can be done in a weekend.

Step 1: Getting the Tools and Wood Together

You will need some 3/4 Inch MDF and 1/4 Inch Ply Wood and 1/2 Inch Plywood. You will also need some spray adhesive to stick the template down. Wood Glue And some screws. The last thing will be two candles in jars to go in the back of the Mr and Mrs.


Scroll Saw

Hand Saw or chop saw



Drill and Screwdriver

Step 2: Create Your Template

First you need to create a Mr and Mrs template you can use any program that you can use I like to use open source programs like Inkscape. You need to type out the Mr And Mrs but make sure that the letters are touching and that you have a long piece on the bottom that all the letters are connected to this will hold all of the letters together. Have a look at the picture to see how you will need to make the template.

Step 3: Cutting the MDF

Place the template on to the piece of MDF that you have and then draw a straight line down around 1/2 Inch from the side of the template. You are looking for abit of space all around the template, this is just so that the template doesn't come off when you start to cut . Now cut the down the line that you have just created either with a handsaw or chop saw or any other saw that you have on hand that is able to cut the straight like.

Step 4: Sticking Down Template

Spray the MDF with a fine coat of Spray Adhesive and then stick the template to the wood. Follow the instructions on the spray adhesive for doing this as some say that you wait till the adhesive is tacky until you put the template on.

Step 5: Cutting the Mrs and Mrs Out

Now take your MDF with the template stuck to it to the scroll saw and start to cut around it. For the centre bits that you cannot get to you will need to put a hole with a drill into the place and then put the blade through this hole and cut this section out. Do this until all the word has been cut out. Once you have cut the word out Peel the remaining template off the wood.

Step 6: Measuring for the Bottom Piece

For the 1/4 inch bottom board cut it out width 11 1/2 Inch and height is 5 3/8 Inches. The thicker piece of ply is the same width but for the height we put it is the same with minus the thickness of the MDF that we have just cut the words out of .

Step 7: Marking and Cutting the Candles Holes

Mark a Line 2 Inches in this is going to be the outer width of the candle. Then you need to set your compass to be the same size as the bottom of the candle that you will be using. Using this outer 2 inch marker as a marker draw a circle on the thicker piece of ply. Do the same thing for the other side for the second candle.

Take the piece of wood over to the scroll saw again and drill a whole in the middle of the marked circle to allow the blade to go through. Now cut out the circle on the scroll saw.

Step 8: Glue and Screw

All you need to do now is put some glue onto the two pieces of ply wood and clamp the together and leave to dry. Then Come back and drill a small hole into the back of the bottom wood with a small counter sink and screw a small screw into the hole this just makes sure that it all holes together. Finally glue the Mr and Mrs onto the candle holder and clamp and leave to dry. You can now finish this any way that you like. I painted mine white to do in my house.