Introduction: Wooden Playhouse

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For the 2nd birthday of my niece i wanted to make something special what she could use several yaers, so i decided to build her a playhouse.

Inspired by my

Unfortunately i broke my finger while working on the schindels but i could finish the house in time

Step 1: Building Framework + Windows

I used timber 6cm x 6cm for the frame and spruce planks.

Isanded the timber and softened the edges, so she couldnt harm on woodsplinters

For the roof i cutted planks on 20 cm lenght and halfrounded one side

I added some planks to cover the screws on the inside of the house

Step 2: Preparing the Pieces

so same work again

i bougt sprucewood 2x2 cm by a length of 150 cm, i cutted them randomly from pieces starting at 2 cm long and at least 8 cm.... it took me in total 110 meters of sprucewood, after cutting every piece i sanded every edge halfround... i needed in total a hole week with my dad to have enough pieces to start and sortet all in different buckets,... while i was in progress of the work i still had to make some more pieces, same ass the project before you have never enough when it comes to the end lol

Step 3: Mainwork

so glueing is on again

i randomly glued piece for piece and piece for piece......

Step 4: Transportation

2 weeks finally finished the hole work

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