Introduction: Wooden Quick Release Plate - DIY Camera Tripod Mount

About: Artist and maker.

0:11 I used a bit of thick paper to work out the inner shape of the missing quick release plate.
0:42 I planed the edge of one piece of wood to start transferring the measurements.
1:27 Cutting the first part out and sand to shape.
1:51 Testing that the piece fits.  Because the tripod plate releases a catch which holds it in place I wanted to make the second piece would leave as little a gap as possible between the tripod head and the plate.  I scored around the edge to get this measurement.
2:10 Tracing and cutting the silhouette of the tripod head.
2:54 Using a marking gauge I worked out the spacing for the inner block.
3:25 I taped the upper part of the plate down, used a few pieces of wood to hold the piece in place and with a router, made a mortise.  You can use a forstner bit with a pillar drill or simply a chisel. 
4:00 Tight fit.
4:10 Drilling the holes and cutting the thread of the bolt.  Using a small drill bit first as a pilot hole, I then used different forstner bits to make the correct sized holes, big enough for the head of the bolt, the shaft and the e clip or circlip, which will prevent the bolt from falling out.
5:27 It would be nice to have a lathe but if you don’t have one, use a pillar drill and a multi-tool with a cutting disc, which makes a cleaner cut than a hacksaw. If you don’t have a pillar drill you can use a hand drill in a clamp.
5:39 I wanted to decorate the top of the plate, so i first drew out the pattern using a pencil and scored over the lines.  Scoring over a graphite line makes the line more pronounced.
5:59 I used two part epoxy to glue the pieces together, making sure to not over fill and stick the bolt inside.  I keyed the wood and didn’t use a clamp as this actually can weaken joints.  The fit was already relatively snug.
6:16 After a final bit of sanding and cleaning with white spirit, I used teak oil to finish the adapter plate off.