Introduction: Wooden Sandals

Homemade wooden sandals made out of random supplies found at home.

Step 1: Gather Materials

  • Any thin, sturdy wood lying around the house.
  • A roll of duck tape.
  • 8 metal screws, 1-1/2 in

Step 2: Gather Tools

  • Powered Miter Saw
  • Grinder or sander, sandpaper works also.
  • Power Drill
  • Scissors
  • Pen/pencil
  • Ruler
  • Stapler
  • Philips head screw driver

Step 3: Measure the Wood

  • Take the piece of wood you found in your house and trace and measure two rectangles on the piece of wood.
    • The rectangles should be 4 in by 11 in.
  • Then also on either that piece of wood or another piece measure 8 smaller rectangles out.
    • These smaller rectangles should be 2 in by 4 in.

Step 4: Cut the Wood

  • Using the Powered Miter saw cut out the rectangles traced onto the wood.

Step 5: Drilling

  • For each smaller rectangle place anther smaller rectangle on top of it. This makes 4 pairs of smaller rectangles.
  • Then place 2 of the pairs of smaller rectangles under one of the big ones. Do this to make both sandals.
  • Follow the picture in measurements of how to put the rectangles together and where to drill.

Step 6: Making Straps

  • Rip four pieces of duck tape off about a foot and a half long.
  • Next, attach two of the ripped pieces of duck tape sticky side together, creating two pairs.
  • Then rip another 4 pieces of duck tape about a foot long. Fold these pieces of duck tape in have, so you do not see the sticky side.
  • Take two pieces of duck tape that were folded in half and wrap the ends around either end of the buckle. You should have two straps with a buckle.
  • Then add the other straps on the buckle strap. So the other strap is making a perpendicular loop around the buckle strap.

Step 7: Adding Screws

  • Add the screws in the 4 holes you drilled.
  • Make sure the sandal is layered as the way you drilled the wholes with the only exception of that the newly made straps replaced under the base rectangle and above the smaller rectangles. The sandal should look like the picture before you add the screws.

Step 8: Final Step, Attaching Straps to Make a Loop

  • Tryon the sandals and adjust the front toe strap so it fits snug and then staple the strap so it stays snug when you put on the sandal.

Step 9: Final Product