Wooden Spoon 'Steadicam'

Introduction: Wooden Spoon 'Steadicam'

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This is a very 'quick and dirty' bodge for helping to smooth out handheld shots only using a wooden spoon, rubber band and your smartphone. It's obviously no replacement for proper equipment but helps in a pinch. :)

Step 1: Equipment...

  1. Your smartphone
  2. The largest wooden spoon you can find
  3. A fairly big, strong rubber band

Step 2: Construction Begins!

Place the band over the thin end of the spoon.

Step 3:

The band should be like this jus before...

Step 4:

Adding the phoine as shown

Step 5:

Now pull the band up over the end of the spoon to get...

Step 6: The 'pro' Camera Equipment!

This is the tool that you'll find surprisingly useful.

Step 7: Support It Underneath the Cameraphone

It works by the weight of the spoon bringing the centre of gravity lower than the base of the camera making the whole rig tend to be upright. You could make the spoon heavier by strapping on a kitchen weight or something similar to the 'scoop' end with more rubber bands.

Step 8: I Also Made a Video

Although this is a very 'quick and dirty' bodge it does help to smooth out handheld shots. No infringement of the Steadicam trademark or patents (believed to be owned by The Tiffen Company, LLC) is intended!

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    Clever. If you turn the spoon horizontal, you could use one hand on each side to help stabilize it.


    Reply 5 years ago

    Thanks. Yes you could - I like the idea. It's so important to keep our minds open to crazy ideas - you never know what you might come up with! :)