Introduction: Wooden Water Whopper

we made a soap box for four people, with full functioning water soakers and shield.

Step 1: Ingredients

This is what you need for our box:

Lots of wood (how much you need for your car)

an old bike

Some old bike wheels

8 water guns (preferably with multiple barrels)

4 buckets

plastic bendable pipes

extra water guns (just in case)

see-through plastic shielding

something to put everything together


Step 2: Creating a Base

the base of the cart should look just like a box on wheels, with a small platform on the back. Make a hole right and left so you can place your bike systems on that.

Step 3: Placing and Building the System

Put the bikes underneath the two holes when you took the saddles (also the metal sticks) and the carriers off. with one you take also the steer off. After that, you put the chairs (which should of been made out of wood) in the correct places. make sure you leave some room in the back of the cart.

Step 4: Soakers and Buckets

Put the 4 soakers of the 8 on each side. the four buckets will be put in between the chars for full time access. make sure the buckets are stuck to the ground and have a top. to maximize water usage, make sure there is a hole in the top large enough for the tube to fit through. repeat this step with the front and other four soakers.

Step 5: Water-balloon Racks, Walls and Platforms

now you will create 8 hooks so you can hang your water-balloons. Make sure you have a stock of water-balloons. make sure you always ride into battle prepared! also insert some small plates to put your own handheld gun on. finally add a screen to protect your face.

Step 6: Add a Paint Layer

add a paint layer to make a finishing touch. this will be a personal touch, so do as you wish.