Introduction: Wooden Wolverine Claws!!

Since birth I have loved making things, aspiring to be an Inventor. I have researched weapons to see what I could make, and I found the ninja weapons of tiger claws. ( like wolverine claws fastened to the hands. So I decided to build them. Here we go!!!

Step 1: Materials

WARNING- these are instructions to make a single claw. To make two you need double the parts. To make the claw you need - (3) 1/2 inch dowels cut 12 inches long - (1) 1/2 inch dowel cut to 1/4 inch loner than width of your hand where you will hold the handle( right under where fingers end) - assorted leather -nails with heads big enough to hold down leather - plank of wood 1 inch deep, 2 inch long by width of hand wide Tools - dremel tool with 1/2 inch sanding bit -OR- Anything capable of drilling a half inch wide half circle on the surface of the wood - hammer -screwdriver

Step 2: Mill the Grooves

Using the dremel, sand three grooves into the wood with spaces inbetween and on the edges. Make sure that they go from where your knuckles are to the back. The dowels should fit into them perfectly.

Step 3: Screw in the Claws

Now take your dowels and line them up perfectly with the end of the groove. ( flesh with the edge) Take a clamp and clamp them together while you screw them on one at a time. I recommend starting from the side without the grooves and drilling a pilot hole to get the screw started. The screw them in at two places per claw.

Step 4: Handle

Take the hand width dowel and drill two holes in it at either end. Make sure they are on the same plane. Now thread a leather cord through both holes. There should be a length going between the two holes. Now wind the cord around the base of the claws and nail down when you reach the side of the plank. Make sure the handle is at a short enough distance to where you can grab onto it, but it is tight enough to keep the claws from sliding ad twisting. Take the extra after it is nailed in and tie around your wrist for extra stability