Introduction: Wooden Block Tower With Middle Eastern Touches

This is my 10-year-old daughter's project. It uses blocks from the Haba Extra-Large Starting Set, the no-name 82-piece Architectural Model Building Blocks (both of these are really excellent quality) and, for colorful accents, some standard colored blocks (I think Melissa and Doug).

All the steps are straightforward: the photographs say it all.

The height is about 45 inches.

Step 1: Base

I made my son a base from some scrap wood and some scrap furniture feet so that they could snap together Lego projects more easily on a carpeted floor.  The kids have since discovered it really helps with the balance of wooden block towers.

Step 2: Layer 1

Very straightforward.  Note that the block sets didn't have four of the full-length columns and so two columns needed to be put together from separate pieces.  My daughter thinks it looks more interesting like that.

Step 3: Layer 2

Color accents help.

Step 4: Layer 3

Step 5: Layer 4

Step 6: Layer 5

The onion dome and steps are a detail to peek out between columns.

Step 7: Layer 6

Step 8: Layer 7

Getting narrower...

Step 9: Layer 8

And now for the tip!  

And a guard, just in case!

It's surprisingly solid on the wooden base.  For the final pictures, I actually rotated and slid the whole assembly to a better part of the room.

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