Introduction: Woodland Baby Mobile

Doable and fun. This project is very doable even if you are a little inexperienced and haven't done any sewing projects before. If you are a novice, copy it step by step. If you have bit of experience, you can alter the mobile to fit your preferences. As this is a birthday present for my 1-year old niece (an owl lover), this was the best option for me.


- Sewing machine (preferable)/ sewing kit

- Brown, Green thread

- Flower-colored thread (for this pattern use Purple, Pink, Orange, White)

- Wax paper

- Pencil and eraser

- Scissors

- Felt in the colors of your animal, branch, and flowers.

- Glue (suitable for material)

- Glue gun
- Thin wire and pliers

- Stuffing

Step 1: Step 1: Decide on Your Pattern

Yeah, this is an actual step. First, I chose to make an owlet mobile cause it is a gift for my niece and they’re her favourite. But you can do squirrels, cats, or anything else that is occasionally found on a branch. You don’t even have to do a branch. I'm thinking whales and crabs would be awesome too (Maybe next instructable?). Anyway, decide on the animal you prefer and draw it (or copy my template) onto some wax paper.

You can change this pattern easily to make other creatures:

- Cat on a branch (add ears, some whiskers, and a tail. Skip the feathers, feet and wings).

- Chubby child on a branch

- A squirrel on a branch (just add a tail, and ditch the bird features.)

Step 2: Step 2: Cut Your Pieces

Pin your wax paper pattern pieces to the materials you intend to use for each feature and cut along the pattern. If you use my pattern, you will have the following:

Feathers (x16 felt and other material feather discs)


x 2 Wings (purple felt)

x 2 Feet (orange felt)

x2 eyelids (light purple felt)

x2 large white circles

x2 medium black circles

x2 small white circles

x2 small pink circles

1x heart shape (orange felt)

1x small heart shape (pink felt)

x2 large body shape (grey felt)


x2 branch shapes (medium brown felt)

x5 branch discs (light brown felt)

See the photos for more options and shapes.

Step 3: Step 3: Assemble (Owl)

Now, for the tricky part; assembling the pieces.

Start by sewing the feather discs onto the front of your owl pattern, like scales on a fish (see picture) and hand-stitch the wings onto the inside of the front piece, turn them inwards so it looks like the owl is holding his tummy. Stitch your facial features in the right order. Next, pin your 2 body pieces together, inside out with the feathers and wings on the inside, and sew the body together around the edges. Start from the bottom and continue around, leaving a 7cm wide opening at the base. Flip inside out and stuff. Now, add the feet and voila! You have an adorable owlet. Tip: you can glue the feather discs as well. That's what I did.

Step 4: Step 4: Assemble (Branch)

Using your sewing machine or by hand, add swirly lines in dark brown to create the texture of the bark. Also, sew circle patterns onto the round branch tips to create texture. Now place both branches face to face and sew all around the edges, take care to not sew the branch tips together, as you will need to hand stitch the light brown discs into the openings before stuffing. Flip the branch inside out, hand stitch the branch tips into place, and stuff! Stitch your last branch tip to close it all up.

Step 5: Step 5: Assemble (The Flowers, Leaves and Moss)

Start by cutting 3 cm long pieces of wire (one for each flower you want to make) and make tiny knots at the top of each piece. The flowers, leaves and moss are the parts that give this branch its character and ties everything together. How you choose to decorate your branch, is up to you. Play with colours, textures and sizes, whatever makes you happy (or the recipient). Take care not to use too much glue and soak the flowers as it will affect your look.

Pink flowers: Cut strips along the side, about 2 thirds into the strip. Glue along the uncut edge and roll.

Purple flowers: Fold the strip in the width in half (mine is about 6cm wide). Cut along the folded edge about 2 thirds into the strip. Glue the uncut side together. Glue along the uncut edge and roll.

Orange flowers: Pierce your pieces with the wire through the centre and mould with glue.

White flowers: Glue along the uncut edge and roll together.

Now for the fun part, assemble everything! Using a combination of glue and stitches, assemble your mobile.

One last tip: To make sure your owl sits up straight, make a little wire stand for it (see picture insert). Stick it up the back of your owl (poor owl) and manoeuvre the two tips into the branch. This will help your owl to sit up straight.

Now you can either string it up to hang above your baby's bed or even on their door.

For extra fun, I will add my niece's name in letter hanging underneath.

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