Introduction: Wool Beanie

Want a way to stay warm in the cold try making this beanie it is so easy and quick so try making this.


yarn needle

#6 yarn/ thick yarn


medium round loom

Step 1: Hooking Over the Yarn

Use the hook and reach under the loop on the bottom and pull it over the peg.

Now repeat steps 1 and 2

Step 2: Casting Off

Make sure there is one loop on each peg.

Cut the yarn from the last peg and tie a knot at the end.

Then thread the yarn through the eye of the needle and like the hook pull it over the peg.

Step 3: Turning It Into a Beanie

Pull the yarn on top as tight as you can to form a closed top and tie it off.

There you have it you have a beanie now

Step 4: Starting the Loom

You want to tie a secure knot on the knob of the loom.

Then you want to form a backward p go around twice

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