Introduction: Word Art for Non-Painters

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I love to play with paint. I love to feel the brush on the canvas. I said I loved it, I did NOT say I was good at it. So... I found a way to express myself and have fun while doing so.

This is another great project for a community or group activity. It is a fun way for the participants to express themselves and honestly it is interesting to see what people can come up with.

I have done it with teens at a library program, for a Bible School project and with a group of adults during a workshop for employees.

Here is a funny thing I have noticed, teens have trouble deciding on the colors they want to use; adults struggle with what they want to say.

So grab your paint brush and lets get started, shall we???

Step 1: Our Shopping List...

You will need...

A Blank Canvas

Paint, the inexpensive acrylic kind will work well.

Spray Paint, Once again the cheap kind will be just fine.

Poster or wall art letters, you can get these for cheap at any Dollar Tree

A variety of paint brushes

Step 2: Paint Your Base Colors...

You can paint as many colors as you like. You can paint them any direction you want. You can add texture if that's what floats your boat. Just paint. Just feel the brush on the canvas. Just play with the paint. Just have FUN!!! This is just a project to express yourself, have fun and get a little messy, unless you are me then you wear as much paint as you get on the canvas.

Once you have painted your base color, let it dry completely.

Step 3: Add Your Lettering...

Decided what you want to say??? It can be a life motto, it can be your favorite sports team, it can be that song lyric that you can't get off your mind, it can be something totally silly. It is completely and utterly up to you.

Letter placement is also up to you. I will show examples of different style in this Instructable.

Step 4: Time to Cover Up All the Work You Have Done....

Now we are going to spray our canvas with the spray paint. You are going to want to be generous with it. You want to cover up all or most of the base color and the letters. Make sure you shake your can often...the paint can.If not, you will get globs of paint dripping onto the canvas, don't ask me how I know.

Also, if you are doing this with teens, here is a good rule of thumb. If they are not old enough to buy spray paint, don't let them use it. Better safe than sorry. Let them stand near you and miss a spot or two and let them point it out to you and they will.

Step 5: Peel Off the Letters and See Your Masterpiece

This part is where you get to see the final product. You need to let the spray paint sit for about 10 minutes then you can peel off the letters.

Make sure not to touch the space along side the letters. Peel them off gently as not to pull off the base color.

Don't let it sit too long or the letters will not peel off easily or at all.

Once the letters are peeled off, pitch them in the trash.

Step 6: Some Different Examples of Lettering...

Here are some that are hanging about my home. I have done them with groups or on my own just for fun.

As you see you can place them any direction or mix up letters styles. You can even do different colors of spray paint in you want. It is all a matter of taste and how you choose to express yourself. Just let your message shine through.

Step 7:

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