Introduction: Bike Repair Stand on Work Bench.

Find a previous Instructable for (Mobile Bike Stand Repair.)
The upper section is used for bench application.

Step 1: Drill Hole Into Wood Bench Top to Tightly Fit 1.5" PVC (use Additional Wood Blocking Below Top If Needed.)

Having a wood top helps - drilling hole into top will support this assembly

Step 2: Clamp for Horiz. Bike Member Is From a "Tee"

Cut tee in half - hinge one side - use pull clamp to secure bike at other side - place filling (I used rubber sink mat) between bike tube & clamp.  The grey PVC is Electrical conduit  90 deg.

Step 3: Verify Bike Pedal Clearance

of all base items.  El as shown should be ample (I used 11"-12" center to center of bike rail & base items.)  If needed install a 1.5" PVC nipple extension befor tee.

Step 4: Note Bungy Cord to Secure Front Wheel & Handle Bar.

I find stabilizing the front wheel makes working on the bike much easier.

Step 5: This Is Original Mobile Repair Stand

note the call out for clamp & ell.

Step 6: This Is Detail on Original Stand

Note details on fabrication of clamp & ell.