Introduction: Workbench Light Led

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Check the above video for all the steps

Step 1: ​The Wood Circles

Cut your circle woods, glue them togheter to be a little bit larger than the led stripe

Step 2: Finishing the Circles

using a saw cut a small section of the wood and grind one of the sides then drill a small hole in it, is is going to lock the led stripe in place

Step 3: Prepare the Led Stripe

Cut a small and flexible piece of plastic and using a double side tape secure it on the back od the led stripe, it should be a few milimeters after the stripe to secure the plastic hook

Step 4: Prepare the "hook"

Cut and hook and secure it using glue and tape or fishing wire with glue

Step 5: Prepare the Cables

Solder the power cables to the led stripe.

I used some "light in the dark" tape to go along the power cable secure with double sided tape and reinforced with regular tape to keep everything in place Homemade

Step 6:

Secure one end of the tape on the wood circle and and lock it with some piece of wood or plastic

Step 7:

Cut some old cds in a smaller circle and using double sided tape glue it to both sides of the wood circle, do a small hole on one of the cds to pass the power cord

Step 8:

Solder the conectors

Step 9:

Drill a small hole and put a screw to be easyer to roll back the led stripe

Step 10:

Put a screw on the top of the selfie stick to keep the led stripe in place

Step 11:

Using a small piece of wood carve one of the side to be able to fit better on the selfie stick, secure it with zip ties and assemble the "roll" of leds using a screw, assemble everything and make a base for the selfie sticks (i used two pieces of wood with a hole in the middle with some iron frame under the wood to give stabilite. )

Well it works but the fun was the building process ;)