Introduction: Working With H Bridge

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Hi Folks ,

Its been a long time and i have been working with arduino and other fun projects but then i found out that you will need a L293D IC for a motor to spin backward and forward and to make it simple.There are many H bridge on sale in ebay , amazon, etc..but i like to research and make stuff so i decided to explore more about the L293D IC which is used in H bridge.

EDIT: Now i have added some digital schematic so that now you can understand better and use the IC for many projects.

Step 1: The IC

The L293D IC is a 16 pin ic and has capacity to control 2 dc motors simultaneously or 1 stepper motor.But in this Instructable i will show you how to use 2 dc motors.It has 4 enable pins which can be connected to a MCU and controlled (Eg: Arduino, Raspberry Pi, etc..).It requires a 5v power supply.

Step 2: White Board Schematic

Now here comes ,how to control the IC. Basically a Ic has a noch or a semicircle which is front and has anti- clock wise numbering and you can refer the drawings made by me to understand the pins as refered to the datasheet. If you enable pin 1 you can spin the 1st dc motor in clockwise direction and if you enable pin 2 (ie..HIGH) the 1st dc motor will spin in the other direction. The same goes to the other side.Basically when you divide the IC vertically both the sides are almost symmetrical.So you enable pin 3 the 2nd dc motor spins clockwise and vice-versa.So i hope you guys know how to control the L293D IC.

So,Thank you Folks!

Step 3: Digital Schematic

So many of you people may be confused till now but for you to make it easier i have made the schematic with an arduino uno r3 for you understand better and a schematic without arduino to understand better,there will many uses of this and use it many ways as possible .

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Thank you for reading this.

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