Introduction: Workout Arm Phone Holder

This project is simple and is a super helpful tool to have at the gym or during working out. The clear vinyl allows a touchscreen feature while at the same time protecting your phone from getting lost, or broken. Best part, you can can can finish it in 30 minutes! Let's get started.


1. Cotton print of your choice
2. Basic sewing supplies
3. Clear vinyl
4. 1-2 inch elastic or Velcro strap

Step 1: Cutting

Take the length and width of your phone and device. Add about and inch to both sides and those will be your measurements for the phone holder, so cut them out of the main fabric you chose. My phone is 2 1/2 by 5 1/2 so my final measurement was 3 1/2 by about 6 3/4. For the vinyl, keep the width measurement the same, but the length should be about 1 1/2 inches shorter. You'll also need your elastic, for that just measure your bicep snugly and add about a 1/2 inch for seam allowance. Finally, you'll need two loops to put the elastic through. These should be about 3/4 inch more than the width of the elastic you're using. My elastic is 1 1/4 so I made my final piece 2 by 1 1/2 inch, so when it was folded it in half it would have a seam allowance and be able to keep the elastic in place.

Step 2: Getting the Loops Attached

First take the two loops you cut out and turn them in half. Sew the edge the long way. Turn right side out, press, and topstich both sides to get a neat look. Then fold both short sides in about a fourth inch and press. Center and pin onto one of the cotton fabric sides, and attach.

Step 3: Adding the Bias Tape to Vinyl

Start by making your bias tape. It should have the same width as the vinyl. You can vary the measurements of the fabric depending on how thick you want the bias tape to be in the end result. I wanted mine thin, so I cut mine around two inches by the width of the vinyl it will be attracted to. Fold the fabric in on both long sides, then in half like in the picture above. Once that's done, put the short edge of the vinyl into the bias tape you made and stitch along the edge to hold in place. Now you're ready to sew all the layers together.

Step 4: Joining the Layers

Lay the rectangle without the loops on the back right side up. Then put the vinyl with the bias tape on top of it. It should be about an inch shorter than the top of the cotton fabric. If it isn't, go ahead and cut it down so it is. After they're both stacked, add the rectangle with the loops front down, sandwiching the other layers. Sew the layers together, leaving the top open to turn right side out.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

To finish the body of the arm strap, sew a straight line across the opening after turning in the raw edges so everything is secured. Next, thread the elastic through the two loops on the back and overlap the ends by the extra half inch you added for seam allowance. Pin in place, the try on to make sure it fits. Keep in mind you'll be moving when wearing it so it has to be snug. If everything fits, sew in place so your arm can go through and you're done!

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