Introduction: World's Best Brain Teaser/puzzle: TRISTAR

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This puzzle contest is very much nice. I have a very nice, brain teasing, interesting puzzle, which I am going to share with you. Once I said to my father, “I want to solve a puzzle, please give me a puzzle to solve if you have.” My father said, “ When I was small, I also said to my father to give me a puzzle, he shared a puzzle with me, which I am going to share with you.” He shared a puzzle with me, which was very interesting and now I am also going to share with you.
Remember, making this puzzle is very easy, but solving this puzzle is a bit challenging and tricky. Making this only needs less than 2 minutes, but solving this needs several hours, Ohh my God!!! Best of Luck!!!


1] Wood/cardboard piece
2] Chalk/pencil/sketch pen
3] 9 small coins or any 9 small objects (you can use coins of business game)

Step 1: Creating Main Body of Puzzle

Everyone knows what a STAR is? Star always shines bright in the sky at night, same, this star like puzzle will make your brain shine bright, let us see how?
Firstly, take a wooden sheet or cardboard or any other platform, but make sure the surface should not be much brittle. Draw a big STAR on the surface with pencil, chalk, etc as shown in the above image, our whole puzzle will be on the star, so make a nice one, big one, so that you will be able to solve the puzzle with no chaos.

Step 2: How to Play/solve?

Now, read and understand this step carefully, because this step will let you know what to do with the star next. Take all the small coins/objects and keep them besides you. Here the puzzle is, you have to place all the coins (9 coins) on the points on which all lines meet. There are total 10 points, but here you have to place only 9 coins on 9 points, you may be thinking, placing coins is very easy, but here is one condition!
You have to solve it by a method. The method is: You have to take a coin and keep it on one point and move it to the 3rd point, means you have to jump the 2nd point and land on 3rd point, please refer the images above, you will be able to understand more clearly. You can jump the 2nd point even if a coin is already kept, but if a coin is already kept on the initial point, then you cannot start from that point, use another point to start. Like this you have to solve all the points except one point, any point it would be. You cannot go crossword direction only straight, try it!!!
You will be stunned if you hear this, it took me, 5 and half hours to solve this!!!
But I solved it. Yeahhhh!!!

Step 3: What Happens When You Solve This?

1. If only one point remains empty, then you are genius!
2. If two points remain empty, then you are intelligent!
3. If three points remain empty, then you need practice.

If you liked this and is useful, then try at home and please VOTE for me and my instructable.
And also let me know if you solve it, in the comments and also if you want to know, how to solve this, then please again let me know in the comments.
Thank you.
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