Introduction: Woven Case/Sleeve for IPad - Works for All Devices

This project has the intention of making sure your devices look cool while at the same time they are constantly protected, choose your favourite colors, design, figures and make your own! We promise it´s not hard and remember how cool is to know how to knit.

Step 1: Choose Your Prefer Type of Yarn and Color

You can literally choose any color you want, you can also choose the thickness of the yarn. Remember the thicker the easier :)

Step 2: Choose the Right Needles for the Yarn (I Use Number 2)

The size of the needles will depend on the size of the yarn, ask in the store that sells this products

Step 3: Measure the Size of Your Device

You can choose any device you want, it could be an IPhone, Tablet, Camera, an IPad and even a Mac.

Step 4: Knit the Necessary Stitches According to the Size of the Device

Try that the fabric is loose

Step 5: Choose Your Best Technique for Knitting

Remember there are 2 essential ways of doing this, One is To

the right and the other in reverse.

Step 6: Knit the Entire Piece to the Desired Size and in the Process Intercalate the Colors You Choose Previously (Remember to Add the Thread to Close the Case)

Step 7: Remove the Needles From the Main Tissue

Step 8: Sew the Ends With the Same Yarn

Make sure there are not left holes in the ends

Step 9: Finally, Place the Button and Increase Your Coolness Level by an Order of Magnitude

You can choose any button you like, make sure it matches with your design.