Introduction: Woven Duct Tape Bag

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I was inspired by doormatyay's duct tape tote post, but I did NOT copy her post, this is a completely different method from hers.

Step 1: Create First Set of Strips

Cut out a piece if duct tape that is 1' long and lay it sticky side up. Then cut out another pice of duct tape that is also 1' long and place the sticky side onto the sticky side of the other pice of duct tape. You have creates one strip. Continue this until you have six strips.

Step 2: Create Second Set of Strips

Repeat first step, but this time with a different color.

Step 3: Fix Strips

Cut all strips so that they measure 11.5". If necessary, cut off excess sticky parts from the sides of the strips.

Step 4: Weave First Strip

Lay out all strips from step 2 horizontally. Take one strip from step 1 and place it on top of the first strip, then under the seconds strip, then on top of the third strip, etc. until you have woven it through all of the strips from step 2.

Step 5: Duct Tape End 1

Take a different color from step 1&2, and use it to duct tape the ends together. Don't drop the roll on your foot like I did. It hurts. :(. Next carefully lift up all duct tape pieces and flip to the other side, then cut off the duct tape strip while it is still attached to the other strips. Lift sticky side of duct tape and press it onto the tips of the duct tape strips.

Step 6: Weave Second Strip

Repeat step 4, this time on other end.

Step 7: Duct Tape End 2

Repeat step 5.

Step 8: Weave Remaining Pieces.

Use the same under over method from previous steps until all strips are woven.

Step 9: Duct Tape Side 1

Same as steps 5&7

Step 10: Duct Tape Side 2

Repeat step 9

Step 11: Create Second Side

Repeat ALL steps once so that you have two identical sheets of duct tape.

Step 12: Create Bottom for Bag

Repeat step 1 (make sure strip is 11.5", though), then measure 11.5", and cut out a ONE sided strip of duct tape. Rip that piece in half. Take one of the one sided strips and tape it to one of the long sided ends of the two sided strip. Do the same with the other one sided strip. After that is finished, take one of the sheets of woven duct tape and attach it to one of the sides of the double sided duct tape , then repeat with the other side.

Step 13: Create Sides

Repeat previous step twice.

Step 14: Create Strap

Cut out a long strip of duct tape, wrap it over your arm to measure to liking, then cut the strip and make sure it is ONE sided. Fold the sheet into thirds (sorry I forgot to post an image of that •_•), then cut out a piece of ONE sided duct tape (preferably short length, but any measurement will do) and use it to tape one of the tips of the strap to one of the sides of the bag. Repeat. Good job :) I hope you had as much fun at this as I did. Please comment and subscribe. Show your friends and let me know what I should post next.

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