Introduction: Woven Duct Tape Wallet

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Step 1: Get Materials

You will need: •At least on roll of duct tape •A ruler •Scissors •(optional) One expo marker

Step 2: Create First Set of Strips

This will be a lot like my woven duct tape tote post. First, measure/cut one piece of duct tape that is 3.5 inches. Then, measure a second piece of duct tape that is also 3.5 inches. Place the second piece (while it isn't yet cut off of the roll, and place it on top of the first piece of duct tape (sticky side to sticky side). You have just created your first strip of duct tape. Continue doing this until you have 4 strips of duct tape.

Step 3: Create Second Set of Strips

Measure/cut one piece of duct tape that is 7.5 inches. Then, without measuring, place the sticky side of the roll of duct tape on the sticky side of the piece of duct tape you just cut. You have just created one strip of duct tape. Repeat this process once so that you have two 7.5 inch strips of duct tape.

Step 4: Create Fourth and Fifth Set of Strips

Repeat ALL steps once so that you have 4 7.5 inch strips and 8 3.5 inch strips. You can do it in another color of duct tape if you want. After you have done this, cut ALL strips in half.

Step 5: Weave First Side of Wallet

Chose 4 7.5 inch strips and lay them horizontally on your work area, make sure they are right next to each other, touching, but not on top of one another. Then choose 8 3.5 inch strips. Take one of the 3.5 inh strips, and place it on top of the bottom piece of duct tape, then under the next piece, then on top of the next piece, then under the last piece. Select another 3.5 inch piece of duct tape. Place it under the first strip of duct tape, then on top of the 2nd , then under the 3rd, and on top of the last. Continue this process until you have woven all of the pieces of duct tape that you chose. After you have completed this, duct tape the top, bottom, left and right sides of the duc tape sheet as shown, then repeat the end of step 4 and step 5.

Step 6: Attach Sides of Wallet

Follow pictures.

Step 7: Create Pockets for Credit Cards

I am really sorry, but whenever I try to load pictures my app crashes, so you'll have to read. Ok so find a credit card or Visa card, or any card might work. Use this to measure out how long your pockets should be. After you have measured to Yor liking, rip off that piece of duct tape and place an euivalent measurement of duct tape that is NOT ripped off of the roll half way into the pice that you just ripped off. Fold the excess duct tape (on the top) over the piece of duct tape and use the excess at the bottom to tape the pocket to your wallet. Continue until you have the amount if pockets that you want. Optional: rip two small equivalent in size pieces if duct tape and place them sticky side to not sticky side so that they just barely overlap. Fol the corners into the middle so that you have created a triangle with excess sticky part at the bottom. Tape the sticky side to the back of one of your pockets so that you have a flat for your pockets. Continue until You have satisfied how many pocket flaps you want. Hope you enjoyed this post.