Introduction: Wraparound Dutch Braid

This is a step-by-step instruction on how to create a wraparound dutch braid. The wraparound is a beautiful braid that enhances every style! It can be worn casually with jeans and a T-shirt or formally with a dress. Even if you have not mastered the simple dutch braid yet, you can use these instructions to learn the basics. However, it would be helpful if you already know how to braid in this style. In no time, you will have a head-turning, fashionable hairdo!

Step 1: ​Prepare Your Hair

To begin, thoroughly brush out your hair. Then, create a side part on your favorite side of the head. This demonstration uses a left part.

Step 2: Start the Braid

To start the braid, take a section next to the part (on the side with more hair) at the front of the head and split it into three pieces. Start braiding by taking the right piece and putting it under the middle piece. Then, take the left piece and put it under the middle piece (which used to be the right piece). Braiding the pieces under instead of over each other makes the difference between a dutch braid and a traditional french braid.

Step 3: Add in Hair

Braid each strand once. After this, add hair from the side to each strand for every time you braid, making sure that you pull the pieces as tightly as possible. This will produce the protruding dutch braid look.

Step 4: Continue the Braid to the Ear

Keep adding hair while you braid. You should position the developing braid approximately halfway between the part and the hairline. Curve the braid to the back of the head, picking up all the hair surrounding the right ear. By this point, the hair on the other side (towards the end of the part) should also have been used.

Step 5: Bring the Braid to the Other Side

Make sure that the braid is centered on the head, and bring it around. Braid hair in from the base of the head now for the bottom section of the braid. With this style of braid, you have more hair available at the bottom of the head than at the top where the part is. So, do not take too much hair at the part, or you will get ahead of yourself.

Step 6: Bring the Last Strands Into the Braid

Braid all the way around the head. Bring the last strands from the front near the face behind the left ear and into the braid. This phase is critical: You have to braid these pieces very tightly, or they will become loose later. At this point, make sure that you take all of the hair from the bottom as well, as you do not want wisps of hair outside the braid.

Step 7: Finish the Braid

Since all the hair is added, continue braiding the strands under each other without adding new hair. Once you are done, tie the braid off with a hair band. You can tug the stitches of the braid a little to make it more dramatic; however, do not overdo it, or the braid will become loose. Once you are done with this, you can leave the braid to hang over the left shoulder or create a bun -- it is your choice.

Step 8: Enjoy Your Braid

You can now enjoy your braid! You can wear it to a variety of events, and it should hold for the whole day if you braided it tightly enough.