Introduction: Wreck Race - Do It Yourself!

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If You are petrolhead and dreamed of racing in real race so I have good news - wreck race - the race in which You can start, have a really good fun with almost no money.

In this instructable I will show You how to convert old, rusty car into the racing car and how to race in it.

Step 1: The Car

You don't need any special car for wreck race. Ordinary, old, cheap car with no good engine will be enough. In race You want need much power nor speed. The technique is most important than the speed.

One thing to remember - use car which has pretty good roof in case You roll over during the race. It's not common thing but sometimes it happens.

If You look to the photos You can see my car - 22 years old Opel Astra which has more than half of a milion kilometers and poor, small engine which gives him 17 seconds 0 - 60 MPH. But this is still good racing car, believe me ;-)

Step 2: Repairs and Tunning

Very cool step for every DIY entusiast. You can use Your imagination and try to repair some things which are required to be good in race such as: wheels, engine, suspension and steering. Dont bother of rust holes, not working termostat or any other smaller damages.

In my case I ahve to deal with broken dumper which makes a big hole through the car body. I didn't have a welder, so I use my creativity to fix that. If You are woried about this repair (i admit it looks terrible) I have to say that it managed and survived all race.

In Your car You will have many other failures so it;s pointles to write how to fix them. I just want You to know, that it's not important how You fix it. Be creative then.

Step 3: Painting

Really cool step. It could be fun for the whole family. If You have children give them paint and they will have pretty good fun with preparing the racing car.

Step 4: Finally - the Race!

At last! The race.

First I have to say that the moment on the startline just before the signal to start is pretty stressfull, but then, when You start the drive it is no time for the stress. Adrenaline rush is so hight and there is so much things happening on the racing track, that it's hard to control everything. Speed, corners, steering, opponents - really lot to do, especially, that rivals are not gently and they try to hit You and overtake You on any occasion.

Excitement and fun during the race is pretty high. It is hard to describe the race and the feelings when You are driving. It is hard to feel it only by watching it. So if You have an old car, don't sell it, don't leave it on junkjard, just take it and do the race! It's really worth of it.

Step 5: Some Tips

- don't fight with the opponents - You will drive longer

- don't cut every corner - or You will lose Your tires

- don't use higher gears - You will be quicker

- don't hesitate to hit gently Your opponnets - it's cool thing, isn't it ? ;-)

- look often in the mirror - to avoid Your opponents

- avoid hits in Your back - most common and most effective way to turn Your car from the road

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