Introduction: YARN BALLS

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Making balls using the yarn is really fun.

It can be hanged in the ceiling and can also be attached with the LED lights.

You can decorate and customize the yarn balls to different articles.

Step 1: Supplies for Yarn Balls

Yarn threads - Any colors




Step 2: Preparing

Image 1: Blow the balloons in medium size.

Image 2: Mix the water and glue in a bowl.

Step 3: Making Balls

Image 1: Dip the yarn thread in the glue mixture.

Image 2: Roll the dipped yarn throughout the balloon as shown in the picture.

Image 3: Repeat the Procedure for all the balloons and let it dry completely.

Step 4: Taking Out the Balloon

once they get dried pop the balloon and take it out carefully from the yarn.

Now the yarn will be like a ball.

Step 5: Supplies for Hanging the Yarn Balls


yarn balls

color papers



Craft knife



Decorative beads

Step 6: Making the Base

Image 1: cut the cardboard into a circle of 9 cm radius.

Image 2: Cover the Base with some color papers. Make the points on the top of the base as shown in the picture.

Step 7: Decorating

Now measure the thread length and add the decorative beads and yarn balls.

Center point - 5 cm

Point 1 - 10 cm

Point 2 - 15 cm

Point 3 - 20 cm

Point 4 - 25 cm

Point 5 - 30 cm

Point 6 - 35 cm

Step 8: Adding Yarn Balls to the Base

Image 1: Join the yarn thread with the needle and make a hole in the point 1.

Image 2: Remove the needle and make a knot at the top.

Image 3 : Repeat the process for all the points. Join all the thread in the center for hanging.

Image 4: Hang it in the ceiling.

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