Introduction: Healthy Peanut Balls

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Hello Everyone,

In this instructable i'm going to share my all time favorite dessert recipe. Its so simple and can make it within 15 minutes. It tastes so good and healthier than the store bought sweets and chocolates. Kids will also love these peanut balls. Try these and make your dessert time with tasty and healthy one.

Benefits of Peanut:

  • Peanuts Are an Excellent Source of Biotin.
  • Peanuts Are an Excellent Source of Biotin.
  • Eating Peanuts May Protect You Against Gallstones.

Lets get into the recipe of this wonderful dessert.


Peanut (Roasted) - 1 cup

Jaggery - 1/2 cup

Step 2: Coarse Grinding the Peanut

Add the peanut to the mixer jar and grind coarsely. Transfer it to a bowl and keep it aside.

Note: If you don't have roasted peanut dry roast the peanut for 5 minutes.

Step 3: Grinding the Jaggery

Add the jaggery to the mixer jar and grind it well.


You can also use sugar.

If you are using the sugar skip this step. Grind the peanut coarsely and add the sugar with the same 2:1 ratio, grind them well and make balls

Step 4: Mixing

Add the coarsely ground peanuts and the jaggery in a mixing jar. Grind it well and keep it in a bowl.

Step 5: Shaping

Make balls from the mixture or any shape you like.

For 250 grams of peanut and 150 grams of jaggery you can get 20 balls approximately.

Our delicious and healthy peanut balls are ready