Introduction: Yakult Gun

This is a fun little project if you have some Yakult bottles lying around. In this project I got to reuse an item and turn it to a fun craft.

Step 1: Supplies.

The supplies needed will be:

8 Yakult Bottles.

A hot glue gun, or tape.

A hot glue gun stick ( for the hot glue gun).

Step 2: Rinse and Dry.

To start of, the first thing you will need to do is to clean out the Yakult bottles. It does not have to be heavily washed, but just rinsed out so the inside of the bottle is clean. It is also important that after you rinse the Yakult bottles, you dry them with either a paper towel or be air dried.

Step 3: Making the Body.

Line up 4 Yakult bottles all facing the same way then glue or tape them together, this will form the body of your "gun".

TIP: It is easier to glue the bottom of the bottle to the top, rather than putting the glue on the rim and attaching it to the bottom.

Step 4: Adding the Back.

You will need to add 1 Yakult bottle to the end of the body, this will act as a "stock" or just the back of the gun.

Step 5: Adding a Scope.

Add a Yakult bottle to the 3rd bottle from the front. Attach the bottle parallel to the body, this will act as the "scope" of your "gun".

Step 6: Adding the Grip.

Add 1 Yakult Bottle to the the bottom of the 3rd Yakult bottle to create a "grip".

Step 7: Adding the "Magazine".

The last part and last bottle. This part is a little tricky because you will need to add the bottle to two surfaces. The last bottle will be added to the "grip" as well as the bottom front part of the 3rd bottle.

Step 8: Finnished!

You have now completed making the Yakult Gun.