Introduction: Yarn Bowl Dish (Using Only 3 Supplies)

Wanna make your own yarn dish? You can put candies in the dish some trinkets you find around the house and you can even put some yarn in your own yarn dish!


All you need for this project is:
Hot glue gun (be careful of the heat)
And Scissors

Step 1: Get Materials

You can’t have a project without the materials! Use this time to get as MUCH materials you need.

Step 2: Cut a Certain Length of String and Apply Glue

Cut a string of yarn as long as you want depending on how big you want your bowl to be. (WARNING: I made my bowl pretty small by accident and it took very long so just a heads up!) After that apply glue on the tail of the yarn and fold it (ANOTHER WARNING: You are going to get burned so be careful, if you are a kid please ask an adult.) Anyway so you fold the string onto the glue.

Step 3: Add More Glue and Just Start Folding

Later on in the folding and glueing process you can do more thicker and longer strands of glue during the rolling of the strand of yarn but in the beginning I recommend to just do a dot then a small roll and etc until it gets big enough to do bigger rolls and bigger gluing. The pictures show me applying glue to the first little fold we did and then folding it again for the second fold of the glue.

Step 4: Let’s Make 4 More Yayyyyyy

Now that you got something that looks something like the picture, bigger smaller whatever doesn’t matter. Now you will be making 4 more so you have 5 in total.

Step 5: Choose One to Glue It On

Now that you have all 5 your going to choose one to glue it on. (Most likely the biggest but hey you do you) You didn’t hage to do multiple colors I just wanted it to be more colorful. But your going to apply glue on the bottom of the circle and attach it to the side of the platform.

Step 6: Attach the Sides Together

If you got all of them with the platform they may be wobbling and not being very sturdy if so then you can glue the sides of the circles together. If yours is fine and it’s sturdy then you don’t have to do this step if you don’t want to.

Step 7: Enjoy!

Now you can enjoy your project and put anything you want in it. I hope you enjoyed this project and had fun doing it. Even though I have lots of burn marks it kept me busy and not bored for today because I know during quarantine the kids can be bored out of their minds and so can the adults! So have some fun with your kids! Anyway I hope to make some more crafts in the future thank you and goodbye

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