Introduction: Yarn Pom-Pom Flowers

Yarn Pom-Poms are a great way to give a pop of color to a room. They are easy and fun to make.

You can turn the simple pom-poms into some nice flowers, like how I will be showing you, or you could put them onto a dress, or even make a bunch and make a piece of artwork with them.


To make these Yarn Pom-Poms, you will need only Yarn and a pair of scissors. If you want to make them into flowers, then you will also need some sticks from your backyard, a vase, and optionally, some pebbles or rocks.

As mentioned before, you can turn the pom-poms into many different things, but today, I will be showing you how to turn them into some nice flowers.

You can easily find all of these things either sitting around your home or at your local Convenience store.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

You will need yarn or string, scissors, some sticks from outside, a type of glue (hot glue works well), a vase, and optionally some pebbles or rocks. You can easily stop at just Yarn and Scissors to make just the pom-poms.

Step 2: Wraping the Yarn

This next step is slightly time-consuming as you will be wrapping the yarn around your hand or a fork. You should wrap it about 100 times. The more you wrap it around, the fuller the pom-pom will be so you can wrap more or less depending on what type of pom-pom you want. I wrapped mine around my hand about 100 times.

TIP: If you want a bigger pom-pom, wrap it around a bigger object, just make sure that the object has a slit in the middle for you to tie it all together.

Once it is wrapped, you will cut off the end and then cut a smaller, few inch, piece of string to tie it tightly around the part you have wrapped. This step is important as it holds the whole thing together.

For example, if you are wrapping it on your hand, you would wrap the whole thing around your four fingers and then wrap the small piece in between your middle and ring fingers, going the perpendicular to the way you wrapped it.

Step 3: Cutting

After you have tied everything all together, you will slide it off of your fingers and cut straight through all the loops that have been created. This will then make the loops become strands, making it look more like a pom-pom.

Once there are no more loops left, you can give your pom-pom a haircut. The more you cut off, the tighter it will be.

Step 4: Turning Them Into Flowers

Now that you have your pom-pom, you will need your sticks. If you want just the pom-poms you can stop here.

You are going to glue the pom-poms to the end of your sticks and wait for them to dry.

This step is very easy but important. Even though it is time consuming to wait, your going to want to wait for them to dry fully.

Step 5: Adding the Vase

Now that you have your flowers, you will need your vase. Grab the pebbles or stones you want and fill up the jar with them. You could use regular sand and a normal vase, or you could use a glass vase with colorful sand, rocks, or pebbles. I am using a mason jar with colorful glass pebbles.

After the vase/jar is filled, put the sticks with the pom-poms inside the jar.

TIP: Depending on your material you chose to fill the vase, you might need to fill it halfway, then put the sticks in, then fill it up the rest of the way.

That's it! Now you have some beautiful yarn, pom-pom flowers. :D