Introduction: Yarn Rice Ball With Chopsticks.

This is a nice unique plate of a rice ball and chopsticks. It is cross-stitched with yarn string and it took a few weeks to make. The end result looks amazing !


* Brown Yarn

* White Yarn

* Red Yarn

* Needle

* Scissors

* Wooden Ring ( If Needed )

Step 1: The Plate

I chose red for the plate, but you can choose any color that suits you. The width of the plate is 11 stitches, and the length is 44 stitches. Again, you can make the plate any size you'd like.

Step 2: The Rice Ball

The rice ball's width is 14 stitches, and the length is 20 stitches. You can make it as small or big as you'd like.

Step 3: The Chopsticks

You can make the chopsticks any color you'd like but I chose light brown. I added 2 stripes of red so it matches the plate.

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