Introduction: Yarn Wrapped USB Flash Drives (in Less Than 10 Minutes)

Everyone has flash drives, and they're often very generic looking. By using a bit of yarn to add some simple customization to a USB flash drive, you can have something unique and personal!

Or, if you have those USB sticks with the grippy outside rubber and you've had enough with all the fluffs and dust it collects, then this is for you! (this was my inspiration).

This project is very simple, easy, and quick. It can be done in under 10 minutes and doesn't require any skills.

  • Some yarn of your colour choice
  • a USB flash drive
  • 10 minutes
  • glue (optional)

Step 1: Some Notes

First step is to find a boring USB drive and yarn.

The USB drive that I used has a rubbery exterior that grips to everything, so I chose not to use glue. You may want to lightly coat the USB drive in some glue, or apply some in strategic places. I also did this to another one of my USB drives with a smooth plastic surface, and it worked just fine. Just remember to wrap it carefully and tightly.

Step 2: Get Started

Hold the end of the yarn along the USB drive and hold it firmly. You want to keep that firm grip throughout this project.

Step 3: Wrap, Wrap, Wrap!

Still holding the end of yarn firmly, begin to wrap the rest of the yarn around the USB drive. Start as close to one edge as possible. Cross over the end of the yarn from the previous step, wrapping tightly. By wrapping it this way, it keeps the ends of yarn secure without needing to use glue. Wrap while crossing over 2-3 times.

Now you can begin to wrap the whole USB drive with yarn. You may want to fix up the top edge by going above the cross over strands.

Keep wrapping it around tightly! If you don't it will all fall loose.

Step 4: Finish Off

Cut the yarn so there is some tail of it left. Use this to tie a knot around the USB drive two or three times. This keeps it from unraveling.

Once you've pulled the yarn tightly in the knots, cut the yarn tail so it is rather short, but not too short so the knots come undone. Next, using a flat object (I used a pen cap), tuck the end of the yarn under the wrappings as best you can. There may be some frays left over which can be trimmed away.

Step 5: Done!

Yes, that's it. You may want to repeat the process on the caps as well, but since it is so small it can be more tricky and it may come off more easily.

You can do this project using different colour yarns, ribbons, or twine. You could even sew on some buttons, sequins, or other embellishments to the yarn (carefully!) add even more personal style to it.


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