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One thing that I love about Instructables its that when you people launch a new Challenge / Contest, there is always a thing to do in my shop/ Backyard.

When you said Fix It Challenge I Said right on !!

This time I Fixed an old Desk that belonged to my father Then I used it My Older sons and now my 5 YO Son Jr.

But through the years abandoned in my garage now its time to refurbish such a lovely piece.

Step 1: Another One Bites the Rust.

When I finnally could freed the thing between a pile of rubbish, I did see that the seat was damaged and the whole thing was covered in rust. I stripped all the remaining paint with sand paper. I feel lucky cause there are no holes, just pure old style steel.

Step 2: Drop the Base.

Once it was clean and shinny, I apply primer and base, this time the base is gray. Once is dry i sanded with thin sand paper.

Step 3: Final Color

In my reamining paints from another projects, there was this beautiful light blue that goes perfectly with the wood. When its dry I apply a coat of clear varnish to protect the paint.

Step 4: Knock on Wood.

I apply clear varnish to the wood pieces and as the seat was broken, I decided to change it with a piece of acrylic and fix it with 4 bolts.

At first I tried to cut the acrylic with the electric Jig saw but it melted the acrylic, then I tried with my old hand saw and it was just perfect.

Step 5: Before / After

After 6 hours of work I finnally finished the task. I cant wait the look in my younger son's eyes. I'm sure he would love it. In ordr to comfot I like to put his little poncho in the seat.

What about you ? Do you like the final result ?

Let me know in the comments and share some love with a favorite, if you want to vote for the Fix It Contest , that would be great !

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