Introduction: Yellow Flowers and Origami Heart Photo Frame

Yellow has recently became my favorite color! I have noticed that our house doesn't have any pretty frames so I decided to create one myself. I added origami hearts and flowers for decorations.


Paper: Construction paper, yellow post it notes.

Glue (Optional), Scissors

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

First, before you can begin anything, you will have to gather yours supplies.

I used only paper and you can use paper to create many unique things.

My frame is 7 by 5.5 inches. You can decide how your frame looks like.

Step 2: Origami Heart

  1. Fold your post it note in half. You will have to make sure your paper is a square. Then, unfold and fold it in half again.
  2. Unfold and push two corners to form a triangle.
  3. Bring the corners of the triangle upwards to the top. Both sides.
  4. Open up the insides and fold upwards to form two square at the top. Both sides.
  5. Bring the open corners from the top and fold to the opposite corner. Both sides.
  6. Bring the rhombus in the middle down and fold. Both sides.
  7. Open up and fold
  8. Cut the middle a little bit.
  9. Open up again.
  10. Fold all corners down to form two triangle on top. Both sides.
  11. Optional: You can fold the corners down to not have a pointy heart.
  12. Open up and you're done! You can glue the inside to make it stay.

Step 3: Optional: Flowers and Calligraphy

For the flowers, I didn't follow a specific design, I cut the paper till it formed a flowery shape. I wanted to get an "imperfect" look with my flowers.

This step is optional and you may include anything else you would like to your frame.

I also added calligraphy in to fill the rest of the frame. Again, this is optional. You may fill the whole frame with hearts or you may fill it with flowers. This is just my preference.

And you're done!

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