Introduction: Yin Yang Keychain

Today i will show you how to make a cool keychain. there is an outlined version and a non-outlined version. choose which one you want. NOTE: Instructables moderators, please dont deny this instructable just because of some people's religion. some people think its bad, but dont deny it for that reason, because some people dont care of the "bad religion" of the yin yang. thank you!

IMPORTANT! every cylinder you make, you need to make the sides 64. to do so, there is a drop box in the corner of where the choose color thing is. this will make it smooth.


3D printer, chain.

Step 1: The Base and Outline

start with a cylinder and make it 100mm by 100mm with a height of 6mm. make another cylinder and make it 90mm by 90mm with a height of 6mm. copy and paste it. make one a hole and it put inside the first cylinder. group them. make it black. now you have the outline. (dont do this step if you dont want an outline). next get out the other 90mm by 90mm by 6mm cylinder and put it inside the hole (if you have one), and make it white. next, cut the white cylinder in half. an easy way is to make the snap grid say 5.0mm and move the cylinder so it's half in one box and half in another. get a get a square and make it a hole. move it so its on the edge of one of the boxes the cylinder and make sure the square covers the whole rest of the cylinder. group them together. now put the half cylinder into the outline. (if you have one). that is the base.

Step 2: The Yin and Yang

now get a cylinder and make it 45.26mm bye 45.26mm with a height of 6mm. and make 2 of them. place them both in the center of the half cylinder and move one up by 20mm and the other one down by 25mm. make the bottom one a hole. group everything together. now you should have this shape. make sure its on multicolor, or else it will be a white or black circle. now copy and paste it. rotate one of them 180 degrees. place them on top of each other (not stacking them). make the bottom one black and group them together. now time for the circles. get another cylinder and make it a 20mm by 20mm with a height of 6mm. make for in total. make 2 of them holes and the other 2 black and white. now it should look like picture 6. now put the holes inside the yin and the yang so their evenly inside. group it together. now put the black cylinder in the white part and the white cylinder in the black part. group it together.

Step 3: The Keychain

you can keep it like this if you want. but to make to the keychain, get a cylinder and make it 20mm by 20mm by 4mm and another one 10mm by 10mm by 4mm. make it a hole. put the smaller one inside the bigger one. group them. raise the loop you made up 1mm and put in partly inside the yin yang. now group them. and you're done! now, sonce you're done, if you want to print this, copy and paste it and make it so only the white shows. print it. then do the same thing, but with the black. put the black in place and print it so that its right next to he white and they are printed in he same place. after it's done, place the chain through he loop. and your done!

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