Introduction: Yo Gabba Gabba Slippers!

I love my monster friends on Yo Gabba Gabba, especially Brobee with his big smile and long arms and Muno the tall red cyclops. So it only made sense to make warm, comfy Brobee and Muno slippers.

Since Brobee has long arms, I wanted to have his arms wrap around the back of my foot with little pieces of Velcro on his hands.

The Muno slippers are just slip-ons but they are just as cute and warm.

These really don't take much time to put together and they are a cinch to make.

Here is a list of materials you will need:
Dark green fleece
Light green fleece
Non-slip material for the sole
Paper grocery bag for pattern
Orange, black and white felt for face and horns

Step 1: Making the Insole Fabric

I took two shades of green and cut them into about one and a half inch strips. Sew the strips together to create the striped material for the inside soles and the arms.

Step 2: Create Your Pattern

Trace your feet  on to a paper (a cut open paper bag works well for this). After you have traced your feet, make an outline around your tracing, rounding out the shape and be sure to add enough for seam allowance (approx 1/2 inch).

Step 3: Parts of the Sole

Use this pattern to cut out the green striped material, non-slip material for the sole and stiff but soft cushioning for between the upper and bottom parts of the sole.

Step 4: Making the Top Part of the Shoe

Stand on the sole part of the slipper and place the light green fabric over your foot. With a marker, trace the outline of the front part of your foot allowing for seams. Cut out the traced pattern.

Step 5: Sew the Sole

Stack the sole pieces, first the green striped fabric right side up then the vinyl non-slip material right side down, then place the cushioned material on top of that. Sew around the sides and back of the foot up until the toe pocket.

Once you have done this, turn it inside out.

Step 6: Sewing the Arms

From the striped material, cut out long pieces and sew them into tubes and then turn them inside out. Measure and cut the length you need to wrap around your foot.

Step 7: Making Brobee's Head

Take the material you cut out for the toe part of the slipper and add three orange felt triangles for his horns. Also add the arms and sew these into place. In the picture, you can see how it is sewn and what it looks like folded back, right side up.

Step 8: Add Velcro to the Hands

hand sew small circles of Velcro to the hands of the arms

Step 9: Putting the Slipper Together

Take the half sewn sole and place it up side down. Place the top part of the slipper (or Brobee's face) up side down as well. Pin the corners and the center to the sole to hold in place. Sew it on to the sole. Once this is done, flip the toe part inside out.

Step 10: And You're Done!

Cut out felt eyes, a mouth and a "monster-ous" uni-brow for each slipper. Attach by either hand sewing or by using a hot glue gun.

Muno slippers are made exactly the same way but I left out the arms.

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