Introduction: You As a Jojo's Character

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, or Jojo's for short is a manga series written and illustrated by Hiroshiko Araki. The very popular anime and manga is most recognizable by its unique art style. I’m this instructable I am going to teach you to draw a yourself as a jojos character with a unique “stand”. In jojo’s stands are a manifestation of a persons soul and fighting ability


Supplies: I used a mechanical pencil, an inking pen, a 24 pack of crayola crayons, printer paper, and a light-box.

Step 1: Step 1: Finding a Pose

A long with Araki's unique art style, the flamboyance of the characters in their exaggerated poses gives the franchise much of its charm.

I had someone take pictures of me in different exaggerated poses so I could see what I like.

I eventually settled on this one.

Step 2: Step 2: Starting the Drawing

When I started the drawing I drew two short dashes on my paper. One in around the middle of the paper, and one a good bit above it.

After that I began to roughly sketch the shape of my head.

Step 3: Step 3: the Face

I started with the cross method, and take note that the vertical line is slanted because of the way my head is turned.

I erased the top of my head because I realized I would need more space to fit my hair.

After this I refined my jaw and facial structure.

From there I erased the horizontal line and added eyebrows, make sure you are looking closely at the way your head is turned when doing this part.

After the eyebrows I added dashes to mark where my lips and nose would lay.

Step 4: Step 4: Facial Features

I used the dash to indicate where my top and bottom lip would meet, and drew a rough shape of my lips around it.

I also began to sketch my nose.

I gradually added more detail to my nose and was eventually happy with the shape.

Step 5: Step 4.5: Facial Features Cont.

I added the eyes after looking at a reference image. It's important to really get the bone structure right to you don't have to compensate with your facial features.

I began to work on my hair, make sure to accurately capture the hairline, its one of the most recognizable features.

Step 6: Step: 5 Hair

I began to sketch my hair but after looking at my photo once again I erased it, and started over.

I looked closely at my photo and realized it was the wrong shape.

after erasing and re-drawing it I was content with it.

Step 7: Step 6: Arm and Shirt

I returned to the arm and shirt to get some of the most critical folds in.

I eventually got carried away trying to do all of the folds and it turned into a mess, I decided to just step away from it and not focus on all of them.

Step 8: Step 8: Picking Your Stand.

The stand is the physical manifestation of the user's soul and fighting spirit.

Throughout Jojo's there are countless stand users all with their own unique stands.

I originally came into this wanting my stand to look like one of the more robotic ones in the series.

Step 9: Step 9: Beginning the Stand

After looking at my sketch for a little bit and visualizing the finished product, I realized that I wanted the stand to be on the right rather than the left.

From there I began sketching a robot ninja of sorts.

Step 10: Step 9.5: the Stands Outfit.

I wanted my stand to have on a cloak sort of jacket, hair similar to what mine looked like when I was younger.

so I roughly sketched the head and hair, I didn't use the cross method because I didn't need it because of the lack of facial features.

I polished up my stand's right arm

Step 11: Step 10: Stand Outfit Cont.

After becoming content with the stand's overall shape I wanted to incorporate a reference of another anime franchise that I enjoyed into the drawing.

I decided to go with Naruto because it was the first anime franchise that I ever watched and read.

Step 12: Step 11: Finishing the Sketch

I made the stand's jacket reminiscent of the jacket that the character "Naruto" wore in the original 2002 series.

Step 13: Step 12: Lining Up the Sketch

I placed a blank page on top of the finished sketch, and put paperclips on the corners.

I placed it on my light box and, traced over the sketch with a fine liner.

If you don't have a light box, you can gently erase the sketch an trace and then fully erase afterwards.

Step 14: Step 13: Coloring

I felt as though my stand was lacking in detail so lining stages I added some creases and then doubled over them with black marker.

When coloring I would pick a 2 shades of each color so that I could emphasize shadows. Notice the regular orange and blood orange working together.

Step 15: Step 15: Finishing Touches

I wanted to experiment with the color of the hair so I did a black primary and green accent.

I also spent a few minutes wondering on what color the visor and skin should be, I meant to make the skin lavender and the visor pink but I'm happy with the way it turned out.

Thank you and I hope you enjoyed.