Introduction: Your First 3d Print (toothbrush Holder)

3d print an object(toothbrush holder) from

Step 1:

1. Dowload an .stl file from

Step 2:

2. Open the .stl file in makerware:

Step 3:

3. position object
select move> on platform
select turn> lay flat

Step 4:

4. Review settings in makerware
select make button
export for: replicator 2
raft: checked if you want a small bed on which to print, reduces curling

Step 5:

5. Export gcode file to sd card

make sure .x3g is chosen for file type
make sure location is sd card

Step 6:

6. Put sd card in 3d printer
push down and it will click
btw printer on/off button is at rear of printer

Step 7:

7. Print file from sd card
use the 3d printer menu
print from sd>toothbrushholder2

I made it at TechShop