Introduction: Yoyo Holder

Step 1: Materials

What you need are


A lighter

16 ft of paracord

A carabiner

Step 2: Cut

So, we want to start off by cutting about three 2ft strands of paracord one of which you fold in half. The other two you will use later.

Step 3: Cobra Stitches

Now on the existing loop made by folding the cord in half you make 2 cobra stitches each one about an inch tall loose enough to slide on and off

Step 4: Make a Knot at Bottom

Now you want to make a knot on the non looped side of the cord so that the cobra stitches don't fall off.

Step 5: Burn All Cut Strings

Step 6: Put on Carabiner

Make a loop or knot around the carabiner

Step 7: Wear With Pride!!!!!!