Introduction: Yule Wreath Silk Hoop

This tutorial is provided by Featured Artist Francesca De Grandis of Outlaw Bunny.

This hand-painted silk wreath has old-fashioned spirit and a modern twist. It will last for years, saving you lots of money on holiday wreaths.

Step 1: Let's Get Started!

Shopping list:

Silk Hoop

Jacquard Green Label Silk Dyes: Carmine Red #714, Viridian Green #736, Turquoise #730, Citron #701, Black #759

Jacquard Water Based Resist - Gold

Needle Tip Applicator Bottle

Sumi Brushes

Plastic Drop Cloth


Rubber Gloves

Pencil or Auto Fade Pen

Step 2: Apply the Resist.

1) Cover your work surface with plastic. Add a layer of newspaper on top to catch drips that might pool up on plastic.

2) Suspend your hoop between two pieces of cardboard, so that your silk does not rest directly on the work surface.

3) Starting from the center, draw the wreath’s outline using the Gold Permanent Water-Based Resist. (You may wish to pre-sketch your design using a pencil or Auto Fade Pen.) When drawing, hold the applicator bottle plumb, with its tip resting gently on the silk, and squeeze just a bit as you gently draw the tip across the silk (see picture for correct position). All of the resist lines should be unbroken. They should also make complete shapes. Dyes need resist lines to remain contained. The smallest gap lets the dye bleed into other areas.

4) Check and reinforce your lines.

5) Let the resist dry completely.

Step 3: Start Painting!

6) When resist is completely dry, you are ready to start painting. You may want to wear the rubber gloves.

7) Start with Citron Silk Colors dye. Paint the dye in some of the wreath areas, filling in the spaces completely.

8) Working quickly, you want to have an area of color still wet when you blend another color into it, the next dye so that the two colors blend.

9) Add Viridian Green Silk Colors dye, again blending it into some areas of the Citron or Turquoise Silk Colors dye.

Step 4: Finishing Touches, Hang, and Enjoy!

10) Paint your bow with the Carmine Red Silk Colors dye. Mix a bit of Black dye and Carmine Red Silk Colors dye to make a dark red. Use this dark red to shadow the bow, letting the colors blend.

11) Attach a string to the hoop to hang it or rest it on windowsill so that the sun shines through it like stained glass.

12) Enjoy unique holiday décor!