Introduction: Yummy Violet Dog Treat

I have 3 dogs that's right count' em 1, 2, 3, 2 of them are great pryraninis/ blood hounds who will eat anything but the other is the pickiest chiwaua you will ever meet. We buy him fancy treats but he sticks his nose up at everything, literally. Until I saw this challenge and tried to think out of the box and I came up with recipe out of foods that dogs could eat and he loved it. I made about 2 dozen and now I only have a few left. First I made the dough for the "cookies" and then I made a purple frosting. It will keep for 1-2 months out of the fridge and longer in the fridge


1. Big Bowl for mixing or stand mixer

2. Spatula for scraping and pouring

3. Plastic Bag for piping frosting over cookies or piping bag

4. Cookie cutter or another shape for your cookies

INGREDIENTS ( Make sure everything you use has no artificial sugars, especially xylitol )


1. 2 cups All-Purpose Flour or wheat flour

2. 2 tsp. Baking Powder

3. 1 cup Peanut nut Butter

4. 1 cup milk or almond milk be no artifital


1. 1/4 cup Cornstarch

2. 1/4 cup Water

3. 2 tsp. Honey

4. Food Coloring

Step 1: Mix Flour and Baking Soda and Preheat Oven to 350

Step 2: Combine All the Rest of the Ingredients in the Bowl

Once combined it should look like this. It's okay if not all of them are combined.

Step 3: Mix in Hands

Take the dough out of the bowl and then mix with your hands. Once this done l laid out some wax paper and flour and rolled out the dough, if you don't have wax paper just a floured surface will do just as well.

Step 4: Cut Out Cookies and Place on Cookie Sheet With Wax Paper on It

Step 5: Cook

You may cook from 15 minutes to 17 minutes, I made 2 batches and found that 17 works best for me but if your oven runs high or low you might want to change that.

Step 6: Make Frosting

First add the cornstarch then water and mix after that add the honey

Step 7: Cool

Let cool and then remove from trey

Step 8: Frost

I chose to sprinkle the frosting over the cookies but you can do it anyway you want

Step 9: Let the Dogs Enjoy

My dogs loved this so I hope yours do too!

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