Introduction: Zip Your Earbuds

This is a new way to keep your earbuds cord untangled.

Step 1: You Need

- some patience
- some sewing ability
- a long zipper

Buying a long zipper might be rather expensive. Or you can be ingenious: I got mine by unsewing it from a plastic clothe cover I bought for 3$.

Step 2: Create the Bottom of the Bag

This is the most difficult part (if there is any). Open the zipper and fold the left part on itself after 2 inches, or a little bit less, depending on the width of your cellphone or MP3 player. The strip must cover itself. Sew along one edge.

Then, put the plug end of the cord between the two layers and sew along the other edge.

Step 3: Next Turn

Fold the left strip so you can have it covered by the right strip. Put the cord between the two layers and sew along each edge.

Step 4: Keep Sewing Past the Divergence

When you reach the point where the maincord separates into 2 earbuds cords, you must change your way of sewing. Each strip is now used to enclose each secondary cord.

Notice that, because of the creation of the bottom, the strips have now different lengths. So, if one of your earbuds cords is longer than the other, sew it inside the longer strip.

Step 5: This Is It

When you zip the cord, you get a small bag. You can use it to put your cellphone, and even have the earbuds cord already plugged in it (watch the video).